mindwaves is recorded live in the studios of BayFM Byron Bay, and provided as a podcast for you.  It all starts with a seed thought … an idea … a concept … or a theme.  mindwaves explores ideas, drawing from philosophy, psychology, sociology, biology and science in general; providing a point of intersection between these disciplines; creating an opportunity to cross over between different “ways of seeing”.

In traditional cultures, boundaries between philosophy, psychology, sociology and biology don’t exist.  It is all a part of life, the “science of life”.  These ideas are contained within the “world view”, or cosmology of the culture, their shared sets of knowledge, principles and beliefs.  To me, it is the intersection points that are the most interesting, the cross-disciplinary meeting points.

In a world of micro-niches, the wider view has much to offer.

At times we will leave our culture and sometimes we’ll explore the fringe of our sciences and arts, now, and in the past.  I write the script, choose the music, provide an audio bed and effects, load them up … and that’s the show.

Enjoy the  latest episode here:

Tune in on Tuesday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm [NSW, EDST].  Listen live on BYRON BAYFM 99.9, stream live (UTC +11:00  EDT), or podcast it at your leisure.

Michael Schubert